You've got a dream to make happen


It’s time to get a plan in place


It almost seems too good to be true:

  • Your business is growing, because people want to hire you!

  • You have services and products your customers truly want!

  • You are finally doing that thing you love....every day!

It’s such an exciting time- and also a little exhausting (if we are being honest)!!!

Juggling it all the time has to stop.... I mean, what if you forget to do something important?!? ....for a client ....for your family ....for yourself!

That's where I come in .... to make sense of the web of workflows you have in your head, on spreadsheets, in pretty notebooks. And to help you figure out:

  • What to do first

  • What to do next

  • How to solve your issues... with SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE

  • And How to do it all better.... in less time with better results!

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You need a vision, revenue planning, steps to take action....

Get A strategy to action Plan


How do you take your big dreamy ideas… and make them happen?

Before you can take action, you must understand how achieving your goals will help you to fulfill your mission and vision. During this service we will take your business to the next level by setting out an action plan to execute your strategy and actualize your goals.

Here’s what will happen when you finish this service:

  • Alignment of your goals to mission and vision: to ensure you are accomplishing things that fit your purpose and future state.

  • Development of a revenue plan: to actualize the financial goals by breaking down the number of each of your offerings you need to sell to meet your monthly revenue goals.

  • Focus shifted to your priorities: to work on what matters and will move the business forward.

  • Production of real results: to plan and implement projects / actions that achieve the goals.

During this 4-week project we complete the work in the following 5 meetings:

  1. Kick-off - Understand the your current issues, offerings, projects, and team - 1 hour

  2. Review mission, vision, and values, complete a love/do analysis, and brainstorm desired results- 1 hour

  3. Set-up Pathways to the Money, discuss detailed financial and work hour goals, and set priorities for strategic objectives - 1 hour

  4. Set goals for each strategic objective - 1 hour

  5. Assign goals to quarters and draft preliminary plans to achieve the goals for the first quarter and discuss next steps - 90 minutes

NOTE: Depending on the complexity and foundations of your business, sometimes the first 2 meetings are combined into one.

Price: $1,450

To get started, you simply need to fill out the form below to schedule a FREE 30 minute video call to determine your needs. Once you schedule your time slot, I will send you an invitation to the meeting with instructions on how to connect with me on Zoom Video.

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