It's time to take action...
and be the leader of your business!

Prioritize your goals... Simplify your workflows
..And eliminate your stress


“Why does everything have to be so hard?”

So .... you've been in business for a little while now.... and you have had some amazing success.... but it hasn't been easy! In fact, it feels so hard some days that you just want to pull your hair out!!!

You're actually a little scared to show me the behind-the-scenes... and oh boy do I get that. But it's time to stop being stressed out by #allthethings!!!

  • Managing your clients and team members and your schedule

  • Figuring out how to get it all done each day without staying up until 1am... working over 15 hours a day

  • Dealing with a to-do list that is a mile long with no end in sight

  • Starting those projects that have been sitting on the back burner for months because you just can't even

It's time to hand over all of the things that you just can't keep doing yourself to someone else....who you can trust to produce the quality you can, who can be a reliable partner, who gets you and what you are trying to accomplish! That's me! 

You KNOW what you want to achIEve…

take strategy to Action to make it happen!

Before you can take action, you must understand how it helps you to achieve your mission and vision. Let’s take your business to the next level by setting out an action plan to execute your strategy and actualize your goals. Let’s make those goals really happen!

Through this service, you will accomplish the following objectives:

  • Align goals to mission and vision: to ensure you are accomplishing things that fit your purpose and future state.

  • Focus on priorities: to work on what matters and will move your business forward.

  • Layout Pathways to the money: to know what you can offer or produce to make the profits you need and desire.

  • Produce results: to plan and implement projects / actions that achieve the goals.

You need to align your goals with your vision and take action


Testimonials from Past Clients

Hire a Project Manager or Online Business manager for your small business. The Creative Spring

Hi, I'm Andrea Layne...

business & Project Management wizard here at The Creative Spring.

I started The Creative Spring after 7 years as a highly-profitable wedding florist because I realized I could have a greater impact serving other business owners to help them be less frantic and stressed.

Since transforming from corporate business consultant to stay-at-home mom to dreamy wedding floral designer to all-knowing creative business guru, I've worked with dozens of fabulous entrepreneurs to identify ways to get them be more productive and stable.

With a background in communications + computers and lots of training in process definition and analysis, I'm armed to help you overcome the stressors that are in the way of you running your business. Check out my methods if you want to know more.

Armed with a killer methodology, a great webcam for video chats, and my rescued cocker spaniel under my chair, I'm here for you.


If you’re more of a DIY type...

Check out My Suite of DIGITAL Products


If you decide you want to try to do some of this planning and strategizing on your own, check out the TEMPLATE SHOP. . . where you can buy Asana Templates and Business Workbooks. Here’s what to expect:

The Creative Spring - Andrea Layne, OBM, Business Workbooks

Guided questions that lead to plans with actionable goals.

The Creative Spring - Andrea Layne, OBM, Business Foundations

Better foundations so you can hire, outsource, or automate.

The Creative Spring - Andrea Layne, OBM, Asana Templates

Redesiged your workflows so you can work smarter and faster.