MAYBE You JUst need to a way to convey how to do things in your business...

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You can hire me to create your Operations Manual

Every business needs a written operations manual. It is absolutely essential. It does not have to be large and cumbersome. It just needs to be useful.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider creating an operations manual:

  1. To create the discipline to do what it takes to maintain excellence as the business grows.

  2. To have a primary tool to train employees and team members that is able to be referenced later.

  3. To reduce the amount of time the owner spends resolving issues and putting out fires.

  4. To allow for others to do tasks so the business can grow and scale.

Here's what I can do to help you

Set-up your Operations Manual

Operations Manuals are a great way to communicate how you want things to be done and handled in your business by various roles.  They will help you get a handle on your systems and your processes, communicate how to handle situations that commonly arise in your business, and teach new team members about their roles. 

In this service, I handle the setup, you get the benefits. The manual may include: (to be determined during our first call.)

  • Job Descriptions

  • Contact Details - Owner & staff contact info, Website, Social, Emergency

  • Process Checklists -

    1. On-boarding a New Client

    2. Booking Appointments

    3. Rescheduling Appointments

    4. Collecting Payments

    5. Client Service

      1. Before

      2. During

      3. After

    6. Set-up before an appointment (for in-person services)

    7. Clean-up after an appointment (for in-person services)

  • How to Guides / FAQs - such as how to handle an allergy

  • Policies - no shows, payments, refunds, work schedule

  • Emergency Procedures

The Creative Spring - Andrea Layne - OBM - Online Business Manager - Stack of manuals

We will meet 3 times in one-hour video conference meetings, and I will deliver a finalized Operations Manual to your inbox at the end.

Price: $497

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I'm Ready to have get help creating my operations manual!

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