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The Method Behind the Spring

Andrea Layne - The Creative Spring - OBM - the method behind the spring

It's what you have been waiting for...

It's tools to create confidence in yourself by documenting your business tasks & strategies to make easier & better decisions, while rocking out your products and/or services based on a solid foundation to give you back time to do more of what you want!

Now you will have the way to do so, thanks to me... your personal business & project manager.


why it matters

Are you tired of being Exhausted, Overwhelmed and stressed?

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Do you think it's time to hire someone to help?

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Do you need to assess and improve your productivity
or your sales and customer strategy?

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Have you made some decisions based on your gut, only to determine that they weren't the right ones?

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Do you need to purchase software to help you?


As your business grows, knowing what tasks that are performed, by who, and for how long, will make the difference between a business that plods along with a business owner constantly on the verge of burnout, and one that is successful and grows and prospers. You will be able to identify consistencies amongst tasks, optimize for better productivity, create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and better understand your business so you can make informed decisions based on a solid foundation.