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Dubsado is a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, especially for service-based businesses looking to have an elegant automated process for booking leads, triggering calls, and delivering branded proposals, questionnaires, contracts, and invoices.

I handle the setup, you get the benefits. This service includes:

  • 3 meetings - initial and interim to discuss progress and gain resolution to questions.

  • Set-up - Brand Settings, Payment Processor, Email and Calendar connectivity

  • Set-up Forms - 2 contracts, 3 proposals, 2 questionnaires, 2 lead capture form

  • Update Canned Emails - Better copy for all canned system emails and up to 3 extra custom emails (such as, set up discovery or kick-off calls, reminders to your clients to complete thing you requested, etc.)

  • Set-up 2 payment schedules - single payment, 50% upfront / 50% at the end, recurring invoices, etc.

  • Set-up up to 3 workflows

  • Coordinate import of contacts from current system/source

  • 60-min training on how to use Dubsado after this work is done.

  • NOTE: You can mix up the number of each form / element to better suit your needs as long as it adds up to 17 total.

Price: $747

To get started, you simply need to fill out the form below to get a proposal for this service. Once you accept the proposal, I will send you an email to book a 30-60 minute video call to discuss your needs, what I need from you to get started, and how we will manage this project.


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