Top 3 things an OBM can do for your business

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As an entrepreneur that runs a business online, you have to learn to be a highly skilled multitasker — this takes time to hone your processes and prioritize your to do list so you can get it all done.

Because you are so accustomed to doing everything (or almost everything) yourself, you may not realize how much the help of a business manager can fast track you to more efficiency and effectiveness….and find ways to get you more time to do more of the things you should be doing.

Top 3 Things an OBM Can Do For Your Business - The Creative Spring - Andrea Layne

Here are the top 3 things an online business manager can do for your business:

1.     Establishes Accountability: 

You may or may not have a business plan, annual goals, or even the personality to keep yourself, and your team, on track to deliver in a timely manner. I can help you update your plan and goals to make them more actionable and put in place process to measure how you are doing against them. I can also manage execution and deliverables to keep you, and your team, on track and accountable to meet project and client deadlines.

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2.     Saves Time (and Money):

As your business grows, knowing what tasks that are performed, by who, and for how long, will make the difference between a business that plods along with a business owner constantly on the verge of burnout, and one that is successful and grows and prospers. I am able to identify consistencies amongst tasks, optimize your processes for better productivity, create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and better help you to better understand your business, so you can make informed decisions based on a solid foundation in a reasonable timeframe. This saves you time and money!

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3.     Provides a Fresh Point-of-View: 

Even if you would prefer to tackle all business matters personally, hiring an outside expert can be useful to provide third-party’s perspective on to assess and evaluate your business strategy, processes, management, exposure to risk and more. I am trained to facilitate discussions, analyze and diagnose the issue(s), and then provide solutions to enhance your business's efficiency and organization.

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The Bottom Line

An online business manager (OBM brings a wide range of experience, expertise and credibility to your business operations, enabling you to stabilize and grow efficiently, effectively, and quickly. OBMs can offer you impartial, practical advice, that has tangible results that will help you make better use of your time and resources, and avoid costly mistakes that could end up hurting your business’s chance of success.

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