Steal My Systems! Top 5 software tools I use to run my business

I get asked every day “how do you manage your business so well. I want that for my business… for myself.”

So today…. I am putting my favorite software tools in one big list so you can stop searching for the best-in-class systems that really work.

ok… are you ready? Let’s do this thing!

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Asana - for Business Management

Asana for Business - Andrea Layne - The Creative Spring - Business Hub Board

I start every day in Asana and I keep it open all day long. I don’t create ant crazy long to do lists…. Just buckets of work that I assign to time blocks each day. Here are the kinds of things I manage in Asana:

  1. Business Hub - an at a glance view of what I am currently working on, tied to my service offerings and quarterly goals

  2. Client Projects - with pre-created service templates with steps that are well thought-out and proven to deliver. AND we communicate through these boards and tasks… BONUS!

  3. Business Projects - things I am doing in my own business to achieve my prioritized goals with project planning and management steps,

  4. Goal Setting - with prioritization and mapping to action items.

  5. Business Foundations - strategic plan and business blueprint… so I don’t have to hunt down where anything about my business is located.

  6. Team Management - includes a team meeting agendas, role snapshots, VA / assistant task manager….you know, all the things that help to better communicate with my team about assignments and issues.

  7. Others - blogging flow, launch plans, course creation, project management, product development

As you can see…. this one tool is so important… and is the way forward out of the mess you have spread across way too many manual processes. Oh and BTW…. who doesn’t love checking things off a list… in Asana… you get extra love for completing tasks.. with flying magical animals like unicorns and narwals!

AND if you want access these boards, delivered directly to your desktop with one hour of training on how to use them, then sign up here:

Dubsado - for Lead Management & Client On-Boarding

This software is the best for service-based businesses. It actually runs off the idea of one customer with many projects, which is what we all strive for!

I have lead forms embedded in my website that drive automated workflows in Dubsado…. that deliver emails for scheduling calls, and delivers proposals, contracts, questionnaires, and invoices with one quick action.

If you want software that really automates these functions…. this is the one! And my clients love it! People hire me to set theirs up just like mine all the time. If you want that too, here’s how you can sign up:

Dubsado Founders.png

Acuity - Scheduling Meetings with Clients and Collaborators

Don’t you hate that dance we do through email to schedule meetings… “I can do this time?” “Can you do that time?” “Oh no, I need to reschedule?”

These emails clog up your inbox faster than most anything else.

So I set up Acuity with my work hours, connected to my google calendar to see what’s already not available, and appointment types with how much time each appointment takes and buffers to not stack my appointments too close to each other.

My clients and friends can be emailed a link to pick the time they want based on my availability. If they need to cancel or reschedule they can go back in and do it there. The system let’s them view the time in their own time zone, so I am not constantly having to translate (it’s especially hard with my Australia clients).

Oh and I have mine connected to my Zoom account to add unique links to each meeting so I can conduct them over video. AND the system sends the reminder emails… not me! I love all of that!

I can help you get this set up too as part of setting up Dubsado or as part of an OBM Starter Service, which you can find here:

GSuite - Email, Calendar, Drive, Sheets… and so much more

Notice I said “the Suite!” It comes with email, calendar, drive, docs, sheets, analytics, admin…. and so much more. I just attached my domain, and created a branded email, with aliases. No need for apple mail or outlook. No need for Microsoft Office (although, truth be told, I do have that). No need for Dropbox.

And I have the most organized inbox that is on zero all day, every day! Partially because I have my gmail organized with filters, but also because I use the other tools above to run my business, not my inbox!

Squarespace - Website Platform

I view my website as an ever pivoting tool that provides visibility, endorsement, funnels, and sales. SO I am in it a few times a week… updating services, adding templates, creating blog posts, adjusting copy, tweaking layouts, updating opt-ins, changing calls to action, creating landing pages and sales pages.

I strive for it to the the best representation of me and my brand, and all I have to offer. It is a tool in my marketing arsenal that is built to convert. And I am proud to send potential customers to it.


5 more tools that help

…. and I will get into the details and why in another post:

  1. Zoom - for video conferencing

  2. MailChimp - for email marketing

  3. Wave - for accounting

  4. Canva, Acrobat, and Photoshop Express - for graphics, workbooks, template design

  5. Voxer - for voice messages

*** Please note, I would never recommend something that I don’t personally use and can answer questions about.

Andrea Layne

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