Is it time to hire an OBM?

I get asked all the do I know if I need an OBM... an Online Business Manager? It's a pretty good sign that your are asking! or that you have even connect with me. You are probably coming to a realization that you are struggling to do it all, and not sure who to hire first, right?

The Creative Spring - by Andrea Layne - Hiring / Team Building - is it time to hire an OBM

So before I get into the indicators, let's define what an OBM and a VA are because you need to know that an OBM is the right role for you to hire before you determine if it's time to hire.

Online Business Manager (OBM)

An online professional who reviews your business for potential changes that will affect the growth and stability of your business, provides action plans to implement the changes, and works with you (and your team) to design and test the solutions. They are often retained on to manage staff, projects, and certain workflows. OBMs acquire a deep knowledge of your business.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

A person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. Many VA's specialize in done-for-you services and deep skill-sets. So they tend to know less overall about your business, them become an expert is certain parts.

So if you are looking for some to simply take routine tasks off your plate, an VA is a great person to hire....especially one the offers to handle a full workflow on your behalf.

But if you are looking for someone to be a partner in your help manage everything from day-to-day tasks to planning and implement projects, then an OBM is the right fit for you.

The Creative Spring - by Andrea Layne - Hiring / Team Building - is it time to hire an OBM

Three Signs You Are Ready To Hire an Online Business Manager

Now that you know you want to hire an OBM, how do you know you are ready? When should you hire an Online Business Manager? Here are a few signs to consider that I have discovered that indicate the need to hire an OBM:

#1 You are trying to do too much on your own

As your business grows, you will realize that only one person can't get everything done in the time you have. Even if you have all the time in the world, something is getting tabled or put off. As the to do list grows, you get overwhelmed... and stressed out how to even manage it, let alone when to do the work. You could hire something to do certain pieces of it for you.... OR you can hire an OBM who will assess it, organize it, systematize it, automate it, manage it!!!

#2 You just don't have the personality type to do certain tasks

You are a big ideas person, I mean, that's why you are an entrepreneur, right? But you are lousy at planning and implementing those ideas. Who even knows how to assess the feasibility, figure out the detail steps, and determine realistic deadlines? And how can design this thing, create it, and make sure it works correctly? An OBM...that's who!

#3 You are ready to invest in your business

You know that you need to spend money to get to the next level... or to get you out of the mess you have You have reviewed your income statement. You know that you have the funds to budget to weekly or monthly help. So what are you waiting for? Sure you could buy another course, or join a high level mastermind... but why not hire an OBM that can have immediate impact on your business? An OBM will truly change your business forever... in all of the best ways!

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a partner for hire....someone that can fix the mess, help you implement your ideas, and be more impactful than any course you can take... then hire an Online Business Manager (OBM). You won't be sorry...and you'll wish you have decided to do this so much sooner!

Andrea Layne

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