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Welcome Friend! I'm Andrea....Your tea drinking, flower nerd, mom-on-the-go, biz BFF that's ready to help you understand your business and address your stressors, so you can grow and achieve long term stability and sustainability.

Now that you found me.....my goal is to make sure you get exactly what you need to solve your business problems. And it all starts with documenting what you are doing in your business.... those pesky processes that are required to do that thing you love and make money doing it.

I'm talking about Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, Sourcing, Client Management, Human Resources, and Capital Asset Management. I know...... this sounds like business school... and you are a bad ass creative that creates and delivers cool stuff. You weren't trained to do these businessy things.... and you probably wish you could just not do them, or at least do less of them. Right?

Before you can outsource them, or hire an assistant to do them, or implement some software to automate them..... you have to know what the heck the steps are that you have to do to execute and manage this business of yours. Guess what? I have a way for you to do that... and it's not even that hard. AND...... I'm here to chat with you to help you get through it.

So hopefully by now you are saying to yourself.... "YES, I need to do this.... this business stuff is killing me and I need help to get a grip on it".... and "I need to hire Andrea to help me, because she's cool because she knows how to fix this mess." Are you ready? 

You can tart by browsing the business workbooks we have available to purchase as digital downloads:

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